1 Modern Fire Behavior - Understanding Today's Fire Ground




What You Will Learn

- The Modern Fire Behavior Size-Up
- Common Terminology
- Stages of Fire
- Fuel Regulated Fires
- Ventilation Limited Fires
- Fire Stream Management
- The 3 Legs of The "Kill The Flashover" Stool
- Fire Attack Strategies
- Recognizing Fire Behavior Educational Barriers


Proud to announce a new partnership with the Max Fire Box Training Prop. Together with my fire service brother Master Instructor Michael Daley, we can offer a comprehensive classroom and hands on demonstration of the concepts and principals of modern fire behavior. Thermal imaging data from our test burns can be easily translated with the use of the Max Fire Box and provide that "A-Ha" moment with class participants. If you are looking to change up and improve your understanding of thermal dynamics as it pertains to compartment fires this is an opportunity not to be missed. 


This course is for firefighters who wish to be at the top of their game and who are  continuously seeking to improve upon their knowledge, skills and abilities. These  firefighters will do this by educating themselves through having an open mind about the  science and research that has been tested and shared for the fire service.

Together we can accomplish this by becoming students of the science and technology. Continuously passing on knowledge by way of new media including live training, audio programs, webinars, social media, and videos to provide the science and technology of modern fire behavior and get this information into the hands and minds of firefighters / fire officers on today's fire ground to become more effective firefighters.

This course is ultimately for those firefighters who want to become better at saving lives.

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