Many people will write and speak kind words about a person but few take the time to try to give the person they are speaking of truly worthy recognition. Let me introduce you to my friend and brother in the fire service John Dixon. If one were to look up in the dictionary the word loyalty beside it would be a picture of John. John is a hard-working, loyal, and dedicated family man whose marine core disciplines shine through in all that he does. John has a true passion for the fire service and leading others along the right path: A path of encouragement, discipline, accountability, and one who mentors others. Many people will tell you that they are a good friend, a good husband, a good father, and a good firefighter. While my brother John Dixon shows you and does so with humility. This is the mark of a leader. John would never give himself this praise therefore I will do so on his behalf for he deserves it. He pushes forward, keeps learning, and keeps trying no matter the environment. His passion is contagious and if you hang around him like I have you cannot help but be encouraged by him. In closing, If you are looking for more than instruction and seek to fuel your passion for the fire service then look no further than Instructor John Dixon a true leader in the fire service.

Andy J. Starnes

Captain -
Charlotte (NC) Fire Department

I have had the great pleasure to meet and interact with Instructor Dixon on several levels. In my professional experience John exemplifies some of the best qualities that firefighters and fire officers can possess. John operates and lives every day with a passion for the fire service, a willingness to help his fellow members wherever they may be, and demonstrates the highest regard for sharing information through quality training. I am proud to provide this testimonial for John, and I hope that if you have a need for training and information you will contact John, and use this website as a resource.

Peter Lamb

Chief (Ret.)

Instructor Dixon is a leader who walks the talk by living out integrity, character, and positive example on a daily basis. His desire to improve the fire service is clearly evident through his impassioned teaching style and thought-provoking writings.

John Dixon; dedicated, learned , up to date, clear, well delivered. I cant use just one word to describe Instructor Dixon. But if you want to improve your training He and his team are the ones to do the job.

Larry Rauch

Chief of Instructors -
Bergen County / Law & Public Safety Institute

John is a knowledgeable, passionate instructor on a variety of subjects. His Normalization of Deviance class is something every firefighter or emergency worker should be exposed to. You will come away from one of his classes not only educated but inspired.

Rob Fling

Chief of Department -
Dix Hills Fire Department, NY

Lt. John Dixon's command of the classroom and knowledge base in Modern Fire Behavior and Fire Service Leadership are outstanding. I enjoy his presentations and look forward to taking more courses given by him.

John Hayowyk Jr.

Captain -
City of Passaic Fire Department, NJ

Having been a colleague of Instructor John Dixon for a number of years, I realize his strong leadership qualities are what you would expect from a great fire officer. His knowledge of the fire service and subjects such as fire behavior are exceeded only by his passion for teaching.

Ken Schulz

Chief of Department -
Wood-Ridge Fire Department, NJ

As a Firefighter for over 30 years I have had the opportunity to attend many training sessions, some good some even better. As an instructor I have become a student of the subject matter and the instructor, trying to learn not only the topic but the varying instructional styles. Having been an instructor alongside John Dixon has been an enlightening experience. I have found his classes to always be presented in an enthusiastic and professional manner. His leadership qualities and his passion for the fire service speaks volumes as an advocate for safety of all firefighters.

John is a highly experienced and committed fire service professional that continually sets the example for continuous improvement. He is driven to provide the very best in leadership instruction to both new and veteran firefighters, particularly through his program "Normalization of Deviance". John is also a passionate advocate for firefighter health and wellness and serves as a New Jersey NFFF advocate. John is without a doubt an asset to all who he collaborates with.

Dan Kerrigan, MS, EFO

East Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA

There are few professional that I would consider in the same caliber as Lieutenant John Dixon. Instructor Dixon is a passionate visionary leader that is creating positive change in the fire service. Lieutenant Dixon is constantly seeking continuous improvement and sharing this powerful message with the fire service. I respect the level of intensity and dedication that he brings to the fire service. I am extremely grateful for the mentorship and friendship that we have developed over the years. I am honored to have worked with Lieutenant Dixon on several projects in the past and I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with him in the future

Christopher Baker

Fire Technology Director -
California Community College System

I met John when I attended his Stress First Aid program. I found his presentation style to be unique, and the subject matter was something not common in the fire service. John delivered the topic in a way that made me a believer in what he taught. I wanted to bring the message back to my members, and I asked John to present for us on our drill night. He agreed without hesitation, and I have only received positive feedback since. I highly recommend the Stress First Aid program, and I look forward to attending more courses given by Instructor John Dixon.

Scott Conley

Lieutenant -
Erskine Lakes Fire Company #1,
Ringwood, NJ

John, you reminded me on why we do what we do! The public will ask why we chose to do this profession, we do it because we care about people and want to make a difference in their lives. I was taught a long time ago that we should treat every house fire like it's yours, you will do a better job. I was taught that you should treat every person like they are your family. I just needed a friendly reminder. Thanks John!

Steve Alverson

Chief of Department -
Parker District FD
Greenville, South Carolina

John, I went through your class the other day at Roseville Fire Dept. I just want to let you know that it was a phenomenal class and I would recommend t to anyone! It was great to see your passion and enthusiasm you have for the fire service, and it really made me think about the kind of Firefighter I am and how I can better myself! Thank you for taking the time to come up and give us your class! Hope you have safe travels back home! Thanks again for what you do and the impact you have on others!

Mike Maleski

Firefighter/Paramedic -
Lake Johanna Fire Department

I am a young Captain with 11 years of experience. I attended FDIC for the first time in 2017. Out of the hundreds of classes being offered, for some reason, one titled “Normalization of Deviance” stood out to me. I had never heard of the instructor, but the topic sounded like something every single firefighter deals with during their career. This ended up being the best class I took at FDIC! John is obviously passionate about dealing with the battle of complacency head on! His passion is contagious! Whether you are passionate about your job, or you loathe it, this is a class that will challenge you, regardless of your experience level!

Josh Lux

Captain -
Cedar Falls Fire Rescue
Cedar Falls, IA

I have had the privilege of being a student in Captain Dixon's classes, and moreover, I am honored to teach along side him performing our Modern Fire Behavior Class. John has continually proven to be a consummate professional in all that he aspires to accomplish, and shows the passion and the leadership qualities to continue to move the Fire Service forward in a positive direction. John and I are also members of Project Kill the Flashover, and I have witnessed first hand John's knowledge, skills and abilities whether leading a team of firefighters or delivering his knowledge to those who seek it.

Mike Daley

Accredited Fire Officer/ Master Fire Instructor -
Fire Service Performance Concepts

John Dixon is a passionate Fire Service leader who doesn’t just talk the talk. I believe his Normalization of Deviance program should be a part of every recruit program. Instructor Dixon is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He is a dynamic speaker who grabs a hold of his audience and keeps them entertained throughout the program. John gives of himself like few others do, always willing to be a coach or mentor for others in the Fire Service.

Sean Eagen

Lieutenant -
Buffalo (NY) Fire Department

Instructor Dixon speaks with both passion and wisdom bringing a broad experience of leadership skills into the fire service culture. He speaks life with a clear and convicting message and is an authentic and compassionate change agent for the fire service.

I first met John as a student in a Fire Officer's Training program I was teaching. Already a Fire Officer, it didn't stop him from taking another program to better himself. His participation in class was addictive. His Marine Corps. background, having been a Volunteer Firefighter and Career Fire Officer was what made him standout. I have had the pleasure of teaching with John at our County Academy. John has the ability to present on many levels depending on his audience. He has taken on being an Advocate for the NFFF in presenting their programs. His infectious teaching style brings the message home to everyone. I am at the end of my career and Instructor John Dixon is starting his, Imagine where he will take us if we allow him.

Mark A. Sulcov

Chief (Ret.) Senior Fire Instructor (Ret.)

I have had the honor to know Captain John Dixon for a number of years now. I first met John while attending a workshop for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Immediately John and I struck a friendship brought together by brotherhood and one common goal; to prevent firefighter line of duty deaths. John is the type of person that has compassion for his fellow firefighters on and off of the job. This trait is highly valued when dealing with current issues such as Stress First Aid and Suicide Prevention for firefighters. On the fireground, John has proven himself to be a great leader. He has shown this through his forward movement within the ranks of the Teaneck Fire Department to his recent promotion to Captain. His leadership has also been recognized by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation as he is now the New Jersey State Lead Advocate. John’s values far reach beyond the fire ground. John’s Marine Corps background helped enhance his already strong foundation of dedication to God, country, and family. He is a dedicated husband, father, and son to his family. John has an infectious attitude that just makes you want to be around him as much as you can. John is the type of guy that would go out his way to make sure that everything was good with you and then he would worry about himself. He is genuinely a nice guy. I am honored to know him and privileged to call him my friend, my brother.

Timothy S. Cowan

Deputy Fire Chief / Fire Marshal
City on Oneida Fire Department

For the past few years Max Fire Training, Inc. has utilized Instructor John Dixon for online leadership training at fire departments throughout my region. John's leadership training provides motivation that lasts for all who attend. Multiple departments who have hosted John's classes have rescheduled for future sessions. The dedication and desire to provide quality leadership training to the fire service shows in the excellent training John provides.

John Dixon is a cutting edge leader in today’s fire service. He is someone that doesn’t just talk the talk; he is someone that walks the walk and leads by example. I have been fortunate to have sat through a number of his presentations, as well as have lengthy discussions with him on the current state of leadership in the fire service. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to the fire service, and to our brother and sister firefighters around the Country, doing what he can to mentor, lead and prepare them for the ongoing challenges they face on a daily basis. He doesn’t settle for the status quo and is willing to do what is right, when it is right, and for the right reasons. Being a leader can be lonely and challenging. Captain Dixon does an outstanding job of inspiring those to be the best they can be, and to also challenge the status quo when needed, especially if it is being done to ensure the health, wellness and safety of fire and emergency services personnel.

Stephen Prziborowski

Deputy Chief
Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department
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